About OmeletteRecipe.co.uk

Many years before man came to the earth there was eggs.

They were alone. Useless.

Then came Man and dinosaurs. The man fought the dinosaur and won, and as a result had access to all the eggs in the world. They were very happy but they didn't know what to do with them.

Until one day�was it an accident? An act of god? Who knows. All that matters is�

Man discovered omelette. And Man was happy. In fact he was Eggstatic.

OmeletteRecipes.co.uk is not just a website, it is the result of a millennia of study, prayer and worship at the altar of the ovoid wonder. Here, gathered for all, are the recipes that will delight and inspire. From the simplest to the most complex, here eggs and other ingredients like cheese, bacon, onion and potato, join together in harmony, just waiting for you to cook them.

As well as omelettes we also like women in bikinis or man in boxers. 

That's right: Omelette+woman in bikini = true happiness.

That's why when we reach 250 pictures, 25 recipes and 10 videos we will find a hunky man, in his boxers, to cook an omelette!. Then we will video this occasion and put it here on the site.

However, we do like to provide equal opportunity. Therefore we will also provide a hot woman to cook an omelette. In bikini. Oh yes, bikini! 

The more recipes added, the less bikini will be worn. Or the man equivalent. Oh yes. That's how much we like omelettes. But only you can help us. Come, join the fight! And the cooking!

Now, lets get cracking� (oh go on, it had to be done).